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The Drone Guy provides stunning, high definition aerial stills photography and 4K film footage for a wide variety of applications. With very little set up required and the ability to fly up to 400ft above ground level, drones can offer the ultimate flexibility and a whole new dimension in terms of bringing you high quality, engaging, attention grabbing angles which really bring your subject to life. And, at an affordable price!


# Promotional - enhance and redefine your brand
Using film as a means of increasing brand awareness has become a business essential. Creatively led drone footage is the perfect way to enhance your digital presence whether it forms part of a corporate film, or a more immediate part of your social media activity, such as promoting a forthcoming event, or showcasing a new project or location.

# Residential & Commercial Property 
For Estate Agents, Developers, Architects or Private Individuals who are simply after a stunning view of their property, we're here to help! So please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

# Construction
Documenting the development of a construction site at height gives site managers and their teams an immediate and clear overview of progress. Additionally, the ability to portray the full scale of a project, not possible with ground-based photography, provides unique and impressive perspective which can be used as an effective marketing tool.

# Roof Surveys / Building Inspection
Surveying specific areas of a building such as the roof or chimney using drone film and photography is extremely economical and can be captured in minutes! 

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The Drone Guy

John Clayton – Filmmaker / Photographer

John Clayton
Filmmaker / Photographer
CAA Qualified Drone Pilot

John Clayton, a fully insured and CAA approved drone pilot, has been producing high quality ground-based photography and film for a wide range of clients over several decades. The combination of his creative skills and technical expertise ensures that he captures the most exciting and visually compelling imagery in his aerial work too.

In addition, John has the editing and post production expertise to turn raw images and footage into highly finished film and photography.

Despite this section being all about 'The Drone Guy', John operates as part of a two person team (or more depending on each project requirement) to ensure the very highest standards of safety and quality are maintained.

The Bigger Picture

As mentioned above, video content should be a vital part of your business strategy and aerial film is an exciting and effective way to engage your target market and enhance your brand identity.

But it’s only one part of a bigger picture. If you’re looking to create a corporate video that incorporates both aerial and ground-based film, then look no further.

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